We are a sub-agent for the National Diabetes Service Scheme and as such provide subsidised blood glucose and urine testing reagents, syringes, and insulin pen needles for diabetes sufferers who are registered with NDSS.

Our team can help provide advice on how to look after yourself to minimise or prevent complications.

Our pharmacists can provide you with information on blood glucose monitors, vitamins, healthy lifestyles and an understanding of your prescribed medications.







The early signs of dementia are very subtle and may not be immediately obvious.

Early symptoms also vary a great deal.

Usually though, people first seem to notice that there is a problem with memory, particularly in remembering recent events.

During Dementia awareness week we have information for people affected by dementia, their families and carers.

This information covers signs and symptoms, Information specifically for the person with a diagnosis of dementia, changes in behaviour as well as caring for someone with dementia.

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Sleep Apnea is a serious, potentially life-altering breathing disorder that occurs during sleep, tests are available in store to see if you suffer from sleep apnea.

PAP therapy will relieve the airway obstruction that occurs while you sleep.


PAP treatment can dramatically improve the life of someone diagnosed with sleep apnea.

Benefits may include:

* Increased energy levels and attentiveness during the day

* Fewer morning headaches

* Reduced irritability

* Improved memory

* Less waking during the night to go to the bathroom

* Increased ability to exercise

* Increased effectiveness at home or at work

* Improved overall quality of life

Untreated sleep apnea also has been shown to co-exist witha number of other medical conditions, such as:

* High blood pressure

* Heart attack

* Heart disease

* Irregular heart beat

* Stroke

* Type 2 diabetes

Treatments are available through our pharmacy.

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Depression is more than just a low mood - it's a serious illness.

While we all feel sad, moody or low from time to time, some people experience these feelings intensely, for long periods of time and often without reason.

People with depression find it hard to function every day and may be reluctant to participate in activities they once enjoyed.

Depression is one of the most common of all mental health problems.

One in five people experience depression at some stage of their lives.

We participate in a numbers of events during the year which focus on menatl health, including R U OK Day? These are usually run in the month of October to coincide with Mental Health week.


For more information on these or anything else contact our dedicated team on Ph: 02 4782 1066